What is SchedgeUp?

Manage your theatre with ease.

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A quick run down of some of the key features.

Calendar View

event overview

Manage Your Theatre

See all the color-coded events your theatre has coming up. Edit and update events easily.

drag and drop

Easily Assign Staff to Events

Simply drag and drop users into an event to assign them, all while easily seeing how often users are scheduled.

Assign Users

Event Template

add events with one click

Event Templates

Create event templates that allow you to create events with a single click.
Set how long the event is, the location, which roles are needed, and who can see the event all in one place.

create reoccuring events

Schedule Events & Gigs

Use your event templates to create regularly occuring events based on a custom schedule you set.

Event Scheduler


birds eye view

Avanced Reporting

See a complete overview of all the performers & staff at your theatre.

team overview

Keep Track of Skilled Roles

See an overview of your users and what they know how to do. Then when scheduling you can even see how often each user is assigned to a role.



group assign

Assign a Team of Users

Create a team of users to easily see their availability & assign them to an event.

calendar sync

Your Calendar in Your Favorite App

Sync your event schedule into Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal so you can easily access it on the go.

Calendar on iPhone

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automatic reminders

Custom Emails

Send custom emails to all your users based on various triggers.
Including: Event Reminders, Schedule for the Month, Birthday Announcements etc.

add events with one click

Line-Up Plug-Ins

Have your event line-ups automatically populate on your website when you post them.

Lineups Plugin


let your users do the work

Shift Exchanges

Allow your users to drop & pick-up shifts as needed. But don't worry, every exchange will have to be approved by you!

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